Why are there so few female humanitarian logisticians?’ This apparently simple question was posed by Pamela Steele and Martijn Blansjaar. It promoted a research project, 'Gender mainstreaming in Humanitarian Logistics' by Dr Gyöngyi Kovács from Hanken (The Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki) and Professor Peter Tatham of Cranfield University, and later Griffith University. They are both founder members of the HUMLOG group. A presentation of their findings is available here:

 'Why are there so few female humanitarian logisticians?'

Another interesting paper on the topic 'Leadership through the Gender Lens: Women and Men in Organisations', discusses the qualitative v quantitative responses to the survey highlighting the discrepancies between them.

In 2014, GSDRC published their research by Brigitte Rohwerder on behalf of DFID into the needs of women and girls in emergencies:

 'Non-food items (NFIs) and the needs of women and girls in emergencies'

WISE would like to express sincere appreciation of the research carried out by the HUMLOG group. Their research has contributed to a broader and deeper understanding of gender–related issues as they relate to humanitarian logistics. They have always offered specific recommendations that relate to improvements in policies, processes and procedures for NGOs but also have a wider, external, application.