We are grateful to the advisory group who initiated WISE in 2006:

  • Aggie Kalungu-Banda, Talent Africa
  • Hillary J. Coleman, Accenture
  • Jane Muyundo, Worldvision
  • Kassia Echavarri-Queen, Oxfam GB
  • Lindsey Grimshaw, MSF, Holland
  • Martijn Blansjaar, Oxfam GB
  • Melanie Miller, Accenture
  • Mitsuko Mizushima, Fritz Institute
  • Pamela Steele (née Ohonde), Oxfam GB
  • Paul Molinaro, UNICEF
  • Rachel Wilshaw, Oxfam GB
  • Susan MacGregor, Air Serv (Canada)

And special thanks to the following people for their assistance:

Sean Barton (Supply Chain Specialist, Oxfam GB) for providing WISE with wonderful advice and support;

"I am always pleased to find new ways of getting a more equal gender balance in the NGO community, consequently, I am delighted to see that WISE is providing a focal point for us all to co-ordinate our efforts."

Kitka Goyle (Humanitarian Programme Manager, Oxfam GB) for editing the WISE concept paper, listening, sharing ideas, and for his logframe work; 

"Having worked in emergency situations, I know an efficient supply chain is crucial in alleviating people's suffering . WISE provides a laudable effort in humanitarian interventions. I feel honoured to be associated with it."

Ines Smyth PhD. (Gender Advisor, Oxfam GB) for her advice, critique, and help in shaping the WISE concept paper. 

"WISE is a sure way to guarantee that humanitarian work promotes the respect of women, their dignity and capacities in crises."

And to Rose Roberto and Pieter Kok PhD, for creating the original website.

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